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Prenuptial Agreements

Not long ago. prenuptial agreements had a bad rap. ‘Prenups’ made the papers only when they did bad things to good people. Worse, they were used in countless movies and TV shows as easy plot devices – the one-sided, mean-spirited agreement that created the mayhem that inevitably followed

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Those days are gone, prenuptial agreements have undergone a complete sea change in perception, practice, and execution. Gone are the negative connotations, replaced by solid, practical, pragmatic thinking centered around planning

Hopkins Centrich Law is now seeing a flood of clients seeking prenuptial agreements and it’s seldom the case where one fiancé is wealthy and the other isn’t.

Prenuptial agreements, now, are essential for couples with student debt, 401(k)s, property, a business, a professional license (or are working toward one, or are in grad school), children from ‘before’, alimony from ‘before’, stock options in a startup, and more to the marriage. Anyone, really, who expects changes during the marriage.

A prenuptial agreement is a tool that allows you and your fiancé to decide - together - what would be fair and how you would want things to look like should your marriage end. Prenups are, in effect, insurance that if a divorce becomes necessary, the courts won’t decide matters for you.

This kind of foresight, planning, and freedom is invaluable.

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Not a Lack of Trust

Prenuptial agreements aren’t indicative of a lack of trust. In fact, we find that the conversations needed to design and execute a fair and equitable prenup often lead to stronger marriages.

Many of Hopkins Centrich Law’s clients have shared that they found the prenuptial agreement process not only productive but that it led to a deeper understanding of their partner’s feelings about finances and the future.

Look at it this way: you want to enjoy a healthy, robust marriage – fully discussing money plans is a great way to get there.


Prenups Are Not Just for the Wealthy

There is a lingering belief that prenuptial agreements are just a way for the wealthy to protect their assets. In reality, prenuptial agreements are really just an opportunity for any engaged couple to clearly lay out their wishes and make plans in case the worst occurs.

Who really needs to think about a prenup? Anyone who’s thinking of marriage and has a 401(k), property, a business, a professional license (or are working toward one), children from ‘before’, alimony from ‘before’, stock options in a startup, and more.

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Emotional Considerations

Considering a prenuptial agreement doesn’t say anything negative about your relationship. It does not show a lack of trust or love. It does not predict or affect the outcome of a marriage.

Think of it as a backup plan. Like any other backup plan – the spare tire in your trunk, flood insurance on your house, emergency evacuation procedures at work – you don’t expect to use it, and you really hope not to but it’s there if you ever need it.

In addition to giving you the option to ensure finances are managed evenly and openly within the marriage, a prenuptial agreement gives you control. It keeps the government and courts at arm’s length in case of a divorce or a death.

This is an opportunity for you and your fiancé to decide and control how you want things to go. It also supplies a forum for other discussions that will strengthen your marriage – such as your thoughts about whether both spouses will continue to work if you have children.

If you believe that a prenuptial agreement would be a good approach for you and your partner, please contact us.