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Trade Secrets Litigation

With over 110 years of combined legal experience, Hopkins Centrich Law understands the value of our clients’ trade secrets, and has comprehensive experience in protecting, enforcing, and defending our clients’ IP rights. Trade secret protection, enforcement, and litigation are evolving to become ever more frequent, complex, and high-stakes. With their extensive experience in IP in all its forms, our Woodlands and Austin attorneys stand ready to help protect and realize the full value of our clients’ IP portfolio.

We help our clients enforce their trade secret rights and defend them in litigation. We understand the complex interplay between patent and trade secrets rights and have a deep well of legal expertise to draw from. We are ready to represent and defend our clients through both trials and/or appeals.

Litigation of trade secret misappropriation often involves large amounts of research, parallel proceedings in multiple venues, and the skillful use of experts, all with the ultimate goal of presenting a persuasive argument at trial and maintaining a compelling and comprehensive record for potential appeals. Hopkins Centrich Law has both the knowledge and experience necessary for the task. We bring over 110 years of combined legal experience to the table when we develop and present solid expert testimony at trial. Hopkins Centrich Law’s seasoned attorneys utilize their years of experience to turn complex scientific, technical, and financially-sensitive trade secrets into compelling stories that will sway the hearts and minds of the jury.

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Our Clients

We use are extensive years of experience to help our clients:

  • Conduct internal investigations – including the use of digital forensics – to determine, confirm, or defend against suspected trade secret loss or theft
  • Obtain temporary restraining orders and other preliminary injunctive relief – such as civil seizure under the DTSA – to stop actual or threatened misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Litigate trade secret disputes arising from licensing agreements, joint ventures or co-development arrangements, economic espionage, and employment relationships
  • Respond to and defend against high-stakes allegations of trade secret misappropriation, whether it be in federal or state court
  • Handle state and federal appeals – including before the Federal Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court

With over 110 years of combined legal experience, our Woodlands attorneys at Hopkins Centrich Law are ready and able to provide legal representation to our clients in matters of Trade Secret Litigation.

Business Law
Serving The Woodlands
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