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The attorneys at Hopkins Centrich have handled many corporate fraud cases over the years. With over 90 years of combined legal experience, we guide our clients through this complicated area of law so they can receive maximum financial recovery.

If you have lost money or assets or your company was financially damaged by business fraud, theft, or misrepresentation, the lawyers of Hopkins Centrich Law will help you seek the available legal remedies.


In order to prevail with a fraud claim under fraudulent misrepresentation, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant intentionally provided false or misleading information. The plaintiff's reliance on this misinformation must have caused harm to the plaintiff.

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Legal Action

An example of fraudulent misrepresentation would be a business or individual including false or misleading financial information an attempt to attract investors. If the investor relied on these financial statements when it decided to make the investment, and the business then fails or defaults, the investor may have a claim against the business for fraudulent misrepresentation.

In addition to providing false information, the requirements for fraudulent misrepresentation can also be met by failing to disclose information. This might happen if a seller of real estate, for example, is aware that the property contains a material defect and fails to disclose this information to the buyer.

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When fraud has harmed you economically, you are entitled to money damages for your losses, and might also be able to recover damages for emotional distress and attorney fees.

Seeking legal counsel as soon as possible is an important first step in protecting your rights and holding liable corporations responsible for their actions. If you have information and facts that you believe indicate Corporate fraud, we can help you take legal action.

Business Law
Serving The Woodlands
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