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It’s hardly news to anyone in business that disputes can crop up at any time in the timeline of business – startup, early stages, funding, operating, merger, sale, pass to a new generation. Every project, every sale, every joint venture, every hire, you name it, can result in a dispute. The combinations of when, where, and how a dispute can begin are virtually limitless.

It does matter when the conflict begins, if only because a dispute during the startup will have an entirely different effect on the business than, say, a supplier or subcontractor who fails to perform as promised at a critical time.

'Common' Business Disputes

All business disputes have two things in common: they induce stress – on the owners and the business itself - and need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Not addressing a dispute as soon as possible is not an option, disputes that fester have a tendency to seep into other areas of the business. Business disputes are the proverbial bulls in a glass-blown figurine showroom.

Only a law firm that knows and understands every aspect of business and business law can relieve that stress by resolving the issue as expeditiously and cost-efficiently as possible.

The attorneys at Hopkins Centrich know the law, know business, and know exactly what is at stake.

Some issues that can arise at almost any time in the normal course of business:

Hopkins Attorneys Hopkins Attorneys
  • Vendor/Customer Disputes
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  • Commercial Claims and Breach of Contract
  • Computer Crime and Computer Fraud
  • Shareholder and Partnerships
  • Government Investigations
  • Action for Accounting and Books and Records
  • Fraud, Misrepresentation and Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Theft of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information
  • Breach of Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation
  • Unfair Trade Practices
  • Keyword and False Advertising
  • Trade Libel and Defamation
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Breach of Operating Agreement
  • Dissolution of Corporations
  • Dissolution of Limited Liability Companies

These are all, obviously, challenging issues. What makes them much more challenging and complex is that they seldom happen in a vacuum and solving them almost always involves the intersection of many different disciplines.

Disputes of this type require a law firm with an in-depth understanding of the underlying business beyond the legal aspects. A firm that knows the experts in other fields that may be key to a successful outcome - including forensic accountants, computer and data experts, and damages experts.

Hopkins Centrich is that firm.

Business Law

Resolving Disputes Efficiently

No dispute is simple.

Again, it’s important, if not crucial, that a dispute is resolved as quickly as possible. A project, your business, your livelihood depends on it. Every moment of a dispute increases costs, strains relationships, and threatens to sever business relationships.

Hopkins Centrich works quickly with you to develop a rational business solution at the first hint of a dispute. Our attorneys are adept at developing strategies and opportunities for early resolution by direct negotiation or mediation. Our attorneys will investigate every and any option that could resolve the dispute while preserving the relationship so the parties can live to work together again.

Lawsuits take time - on average at least a year. It gets expensive. Your time, money, and the company’s focus may be wrapped up in the litigation.

Sometimes, though, the intransigence of the other party makes working it out impossible. In that case, we are always willing and ready to litigate, hard.

Hopkins Centrich and Your Business Dispute

Do not let a dispute fester. Don’t try to solve it yourself, you may only make it worse. Contact Hopkins Centrich as soon as possible, before things become intractable. Don’t wait until you feel like you’ve run into a brick wall and have no options.

Let us put our knowledge and experience with business disputes to work for you. Hopkins Centrich will explore every possibility with you while we efficiently and zealously pursue the best possible solution for you.

Remember, you not only have the right to spirited, experienced business legal representation, but you and your company deserve it.

Hopkins Centrich works for and with you every step of the way to the best possible outcome.

Our Mission is to Protect Your Business

A lot goes into managing and maintaining a successful business when it comes to employees, customers, partners – active and passive, shareholders, and of course, management. Even the smoothest-running companies will, sooner or later, have their fair share of disputes.

We talked about issues that can lead to the issues we listed above. Knowing and being able to identify the most common types of business disputes will help you avoid them and know what to do to solve them as quickly as possible before they worsen.

Most business disputes can be out in one (one more) of the following categories:

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes include: discrimination based on sex, race, age disability, marital status, or any other form of employment discrimination; disagreement over salary or payment; maternity leave disputes; unfair dismissal charges; and a host of other issues.

Disputes Between Businesses

Business-to-business relationships are more helpful than they are hurtful while complicated and delicate. When disagreements arise between companies, it requires fast, serious, and professional mediation or legal action.

Breach of Contract/Financial Agreements

A breach of a contract or financial agreement will always bring about either a dispute between partners or other businesses, sometimes both. They must be addressed as quickly as possible.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes are probably the most common type of business dispute; when the people in leadership find themselves in a disagreement, it’s hard to hide it from the rest of the company as they most commonly revolve around changes in leadership, disagreements over the direction of the company, hiring disputes, financial disputes, and other potential business changing issues.

Covenants Not To Compete/ Non-Disclosure Agreements

It is now more commonplace than ever for businesses to require employees to sign non-compete agreements/nondisclosure agreements. Sometimes, the failure of a key employee to follow the agreement can have severe and lasting consequences.

We Will Help

Hopkins Centrich PLLC provides cutting edge, high quality, creative legal solutions to businesses, individuals, and families in The Woodlands and across Texas.

Our sole focus is on you, the client. We take advantage of everything technology has to offer in order to optimize how we work. That gives us more time to spend with you, more time to understand the issues, more time to negotiate and prepare for trial.

Business Law

What You Need to Do

Don’t wait. If you think you have a business dispute, or thinks you see one coming, don’t hesitate to call us.

The earlier you contact us, the better. There are deadlines to every legal action.

The longer you wait, the fewer your legal options. The fewer options your company have.