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Commercial Landlord-Tenant

With over 90 years of combined legal experience, the law firm of Hopkins Centrich serves clients in commercial landlord-tenant matters. We help landlords and tenants both large and small resolve the problems they face in their respective industries. Our Woodlands attorneys bring years of experience to each case and understand that landlords and tenants have unique circumstances and goals requiring individualized attention. We understand the business as well as the legal needs of our landlord and tenant clients and continually strive to assure both are addressed in both plan and action.

Hopkins Centrich commercial landlord-tenant practice has both the knowledge and experience to extensively represent commercial property owners and tenants in every type of transaction and dispute that may impact their business.

Lease Negotiation and Drafting

Whether drafting a new lease for a new anchor tenant or negotiating an amendment to an existing lease, Hopkins Centrich provides thorough legal assistance. Our attorneys recognize that deals must be done efficiently and on time. Publicly traded REITs and Fortune 500 companies, major regional and national developers, large shopping centers and restaurant chains all rely on the creativity and efficiency that our firm brings to the table.

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Landlord Tenant Disputes

Hopkins Centrich is able to draw upon over 90 years of combined legal experience to handle both large and small commercial landlord-tenant matters effectively and efficiently. Our attorneys are able to anticipate the numerous legal issues that can arise enabling us to give comprehensive and practical advice to our clients. Our trial lawyers understand that the litigation process is often frustrating to our clients and is particularly sensitive to the economic realities of litigation. At Hopkins Centrich our commercial landlord-tenant litigation attorneys understand business and give practical advice that advances our clients’ interests.

Zoning and Land Use

Hopkins Centrich represents clients in all stages of property development and use, from the acquisition of land through to the final approval and eventually project construction itself. Our lawyers possess the experience and knowledge to help clients navigate through the maze of local, regional and state approvals that may be required for industrial, commercial, residential, and mixed-use land developments.

Business Law
Serving The Woodlands
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Business Law
Serving The Woodlands


Hopkins Centrich lawyers use their extensive knowledge and experience to craft practical, creative solutions to tax issues faced by our landlord clients. We have a “can-do” attitude that focuses on solving tax problems rather than creating them. Whether it be developing the most effective strategy to contest real estate tax assessments, choosing between a C corporation, S corporation, partnership or limited liability upon acquiring a new property or dealing with organizational, operational and financing issues, our Woodlands lawyers work to efficiently and effectively maximize client value by minimizing exposure to tax liability.