Breach of Fiduciary Duty

fiduciary carries a legal obligation to always act in the best interest of his or her client. These obligations are created whenever an individual places a special reliance, confidence, and trust in the fiduciary to utilize their expertise or discretion when acting on their behalf. Additionally, the fiduciary must have knowingly entered into such a relationship in order for any fiduciary duty to exist.

A breach of fiduciary duty arises when an individual or entity with a close, personal, trusted, or legal fiduciary obligation to another party fails to fulfill their responsibilities in an appropriate manner. Fiduciary relationships describe a broad range of relationships in which a person in a position of trust, the fiduciary, has a legal duty to act in the best interest of another person. As such, a breach of fiduciary duty may occur in the context of any of the following fiduciary relationships:

  • Trustee & beneficiary
  • Lawyer & client
  • Guardian & ward
  • Board of directors & company
  • Executers & legatees

This can potentially be a cause for legal action available to any individual who is owed a financial or other duty when the fiduciary who has the duty fails to handle the matter appropriately.

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