For many medium-sized companies and closely-held businesses, staffing a legal department is not financially feasible or necessary. For such companies, having an outside general counsel to handle the various legal matters that may occur from the normal operation of our business is their only option. At Hopkins Centrich, PLLC, the business attorneys offer this service to business owners and managers in the Woodlands and Austin areas. It is their desire to build a trusted relationship with companies first by attaining a working understanding of the business, its goals and policies and, secondly, by handling clients' legal affairs in a thorough and diligent manner.

If you are a business owner in need of outside general counsel, Hopkins Centrich, PLLC has the business law experience and background to assist you. With over 110 years of collective legal experience between the attorneys, they have the background you want and need in the supervision of all legal affairs of business. The firm has large-firm training and experience combined with a small-firm sense of responsiveness and personalized attention to clients' needs.

Outside General Counsel Services Offered by Hopkins Centrich, PLLC

Serving as your outside general counsel, Hopkins Centrich, PLLC can assist your business with contract negotiations, corporate filings, disputes and settlement negotiations, employment and human resources issues, arbitration, mediation, corporate finance, intellectual property, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, board meetings, shareholder meetings, corporate structure and governance, and more. The legal team at Hopkins Centrich, PLLC is dedicated to taking the time to understand your business and finding creative solutions to your legal issues that align with your business goals, allowing your company to grow and thrive.

Typical matters include:

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