In a marriage with children, child custody is a major issue from the moment a divorce is filed. Texas law allows the court to award temporary child custody during the divorce process. The court’s analysis is the same as it is for permanent child custody awards. This means that temporary child custody can end up in a hearing and trial if the parents are not able to reach an agreement with which the court agrees. If you are not prepared and do not have the assistance of a Woodlands child custody attorney, you might end up with an unfavorable outcome at this hearing.

Typically, the court will keep the child with whichever parent the child is currently living with in order to prevent upsetting the normal routine of the child. That is why it is important to not give up custody of your child to your spouse during a separation before divorce. This is just one of the many insights an experienced Woodlands child custody attorney at Hopkins Centrich Winkelman & Drucker, PLLC will be able to help you with.

After temporary child custody is determined, the divorce process proceeds and ultimately the court again must determine permanent child custody. Later in the process,the court will conduct another hearing on child custody that will result in a permanent child custody order. Because of the power of the permanent child custody order, it is important that you contact a knowledgeable child custody attorney who will fight for you.

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