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Child Custody & Child Support

Going through a divorce when you have children is hard. Making decisions about child custody and support makes it even harder regardless of how well the parents get along. Family circumstances vary widely, laws and guidelines are amended or changed, the economy is hardly consistent, but one thing is always the same when it comes to child custody and support - the needs of the child always comes first. Always.

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Custody & Parenting Plans

Discussions about the children, especially who they live with and when, are some of the most emotional aspects of a divorce. Developing and keeping a parenting plan is fraught with pitfalls. Hopkins Centrich Law is here to do all we can to make sure you know where they are and avoid them.

We are committed to helping our clients be in the best possible position to make decisions about their children. We start by making sure you thoroughly understand your rights, options, obligations, and duties under Texas law.

We know – and we know our clients know – how vital it is that children keep healthy, stable relationships with the adults in their lives, barring unusual circumstances.

This is one of our priorities while negotiating a parenting plan during a dissolution, pursuing or defending a modification of custody, or bringing a contempt for non-compliance with an existing custody agreement, we are and remain committed to helping families through the many issues surrounding custody and, not so parenthetically, parenting.

Through informed representation, we enable clients to find the best resolution for their children while protecting their parental rights.

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Child Support

Who pays for health care, school, sports, braces, and the million other things, big and small that pop up with scary frequency as children grow older, an overriding concern of almost every divorcing parent?

Most parents want to do whatever is right for their children, some do not, some are constrained by finances, some by distance, some by a plethora of other reasons. Many times, there is a fine balance between ensuring the children are well provided for and supporting reasonable expectations for the supporting parent.

In other words, the needs of the children come first, but we live in the real world where support agreements need to be defined in real world concerns and necessities.

Hopkins Centrich Law is committed to helping every family reach an amicable resolution wherever possible. When it’s not, we are equally effective at reaching a fair resolution through assertive representation.

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Child Support Guidelines

Texas courts publish ‘support guidelines’ that provide the baseline for statutorily required support payments. Income levels, earning potential(s), number of children, and more are factored into the court’s calculations to calculate this figure.

This is only the baseline; it is not the final figure. Attorneys can recommend a deviation from the guidelines – up or down – but only after documenting and presenting evidence to the court. This is an evidentiary hearing, and the court will only accept recommendations after a thorough review of all available evidence from both sides.

Whether settling child support payments, seeking a child support modification, or handling a contempt for non-payment, the first thing we look at are your needs and economic situation.

This is a complex area of family law that has a tendency to change rapidly, especially in this post-COVID era. We regularly take part in seminars and educational forums to ensure we stay well informed about current child support issues, including interstate support disputes, to better represent our clients’ interests.

Remember, when it comes to child custody, parent plans, and child support lawyers must always consider the interests of the children first and foremost.