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"I am my Board of Directors!"

Series about dysfunctional - if not straight up fraudulent - startups are everywhere from Showtime to streaming services and podcasts everywhere.

They're the kind of shows that get viewers doing Google searches halfway through episodes to see if what they're watching is true. It's safe to say they all get the gist of the stories right while doing what they need to do to keep the plots moving and building some tension.

They add characters who never existed to make it easier to follow. Conflicts that never happened but quickly (and dramatically) make a point that's usually spot on are invented.

Then there's WeCrashed, the story of WeWork and its founder (and erstwhile cult leader) Adam Neumann. WeWork has already been the subject of a podcast (WeCrashed) and a documentary (WeWork: Or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn). The writers of WeCrashed had a problem - if they left everything 'true' in, no one would believe it. The story of WeWork is insane.

But instructive.

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