Being Prepared

Planning for Things that May Never Happen

March Madness has begun with conference tournaments around the country. The NCAA seedings will be announced Sunday night.

In a couple of weeks we’ll know if Gonzaga can finally win the ‘big one.’

One thing about March Madness, teams that prepare for situations that may never arise do a lot better than the teams that don’t – no matter what the seedings. The classic example of that was the National Championship game in 2016, Villanova - North Carolina.

You may remember – we know, after the last couple of years 2016 seems more like 1620 – that Villanova won on a three pointer with no time left. At the buzzer. The first time since 1983 the final was decided on a buzzer beater.

The scene – UNC, down three, tied the game on a ridiculous, hang-in-the-air-double-pump-leg-kick three pointer with 4.7 seconds left. Villanova called time out.

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