Communication is Everything

If you went to law school in the early ‘90s and took Wills, Trusts & Estates you may have run across this story in the casebook - well, the shell of the story, a little research fleshed it out. It is probably still the best punchline ever found in a casebook.

It goes like this:

There was an eccentric old man who lived in the middle of nowhere. He lived on a rundown old farm, hoarder-like. No heat, no air conditioning, he walked into town for groceries, brought them back in a wheelbarrow that barely wheeled. He kept chickens, he had to put the eggs in a bucket hung on a tree branch to keep snakes from eating them.

All this despite the fact, as his family and friends knew, he was wealthy.

They also knew he had a will. They knew it because he told everyone. He was quick to add that he was not above changing his will if a potential heir displeased him.

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