Christmas Special

Have a Dickens of a Christmas

We hope everyone is having a great week preparing for a joyful, fun, Christmas weekend with family and friends.

Here's a thought as you put the last trim on the tree (we went with an Astro's theme) - we have a commercial transaction gone wrong, a collection action, solid estate planning, and copyright/intellectual property infringement to thank for the way we celebrate Christmas.

We're talking, of course, about Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol.

Let's back up for a second: before A Christmas Carol, Christmas was not a holiday in the United States - not in any way we'd recognize today. The Puritans, not exactly renowned for levity, had banned the celebration of Christmas in the 1650s. Then they outlawed it..

Christmas didn't get any cheerier for the next 180 years in the U.S. It was considerably more fun and festive in the British Isles (they got rid of the Puritans, remember) and Europe.

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