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Happy Opening Day!

Happy Opening Day! The Astros are opening and all's right with the world. Every opening day we’re always reminded how close the MLB came to imploding. Several times over the last few years.

As a law firm that engages in negotiation after negotiation on behalf of clients (and Astro fans) we watched the negotiations with professional curiosity. There were a lot of lessons to be learned, all of them, we think, on how not to negotiate.

The baseball lockout lasted 99 days. That boiled down to hundreds of threats, weeks of no action whatsoever, deadlines made and ignored, tens of thousands of social media posts, thousands of media appearances, hundreds of proposals thrown out without regard to reality, tens of solid solutions seriously offered, discussed, amended, and agreed on.

That’s 99 days of acrimony, misunderstandings, and things better left unsaid being said aloud then tweeted. We could teach an entire course in negotiating and never exhaust the lessons of the lockout and the 2020 COVID shortened-seasons negotiation.

A few thoughts as we wait for tonight:

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