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It Had Everything

Our own Kirby Hopkins was recently named one of Houston's top Commercial Litigation Attorneys by Houstonia Magazine as voted by members of the Houston Bar - which makes the honor especially pleasing.

'Commercial Litigation’ is not always easy to quickly, concisely define. It’s at once specific (Commercial) and general (Litigation). Neither begins to get across what Kirby and we do as a firm.

Luckily, one of the cases that contributed to Kirby’s honor does all the explaining for us.

Kirby was local counsel in a business dispute that resulted in one of the biggest jury verdicts in Texas in 2021, $32 million.

It was a breach of contract action. A shareholder derivative claim. An employment law claim for non-payment of salary. A corporate claim for breach of fiduciary duty. There were [ample] elements of unethical business practices, fraud, bribery, battery, malice, gross negligence, and intentional self-enrichment.

Of course, no case comes in the door packaged and ready for litigation. It started as a simple, if not nasty, business dispute. The only thing that was obvious was that negotiation was not an option. It took investigation, research, interviews, the review of countless documents, and a deep understanding of contract, corporate, business, and employment law to bring the action.

What tends to get lost once a verdict and judgment are handed down is that it also took - just as importantly - an incredible knowledge of Texas Civil Procedure. The procedural history of the case reads like a law student's worst - and recurring - nightmare of a final exam question.

Put it all together and you have a solid - but hardly comprehensive - understanding of 'commercial litigation.' We're proud of Kirby and thrilled with this result . . . we love what we do.

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