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Divorce Summons

Every divorce is unique. Unique relationships, circumstances, assets, needs, children, pets, other family members. There are no cookie cutter solutions for the dissolution of a marriage.

The attorneys at Centrich Law understand the uniqueness of your situation.

We understand that experiences differ greatly from client to client for the simple reason clients come from widely divergent circumstances. Some are in the very early stages of contemplating a split with their spouse. Some are reeling after unexpectedly being served a divorce summons and complaint by their spouse.

Sometimes, both spouses may have discussed and put off divorce for years – for a variety of reasons – and have finally decided that the time is right. And, every once in a while, someone comes to us because they have noticed changes with their spouse that are concerning and want to explore all their options before a crisis develops.

Different people in different situations with different needs and concerns. Regardless of your circumstances, Hopkins Centrich Law is here to guide you toward the best solution, the best possible outcome.

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Divorce Conjures

The possibility of divorce conjures up many – many – thoughts, many of them conflicting, all of them intense:

“What will my life look like after divorce?”

“Will I get to keep the house?”

“How often will I see the kids?”

“Will I be happier?”

“What do I do while the case is pending?”

We consult with our clients through every stage of divorce while working with them to explore every available avenue for divorce. Together we will answer these questions – and much more

We counsel people in selecting the divorce process that best fits them and their circumstances. If you are the initiator, you may have a choice in how you move forward to work out the conflicts. We will always work closely with you in developing the best response and best path moving forward.

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While we firmly believe in a non-adversarial approach to dissolution – it is often the best path for our clients and their families. That said, we are certainly not afraid of a fight when circumstances call for one. We are aggressive litigators when you need us to be.

Our attorneys have the experience, good sense, and temperament to know when to use aggressive tactics and when they will be counterproductive and do little more than run up your costs, increase your anxiety, and harden the other side

We keep an effective balance throughout the matter.

We know it’s hard to walk through our doors. It’s natural to feel emotionally overwhelmed and unprepared to make major decisions when you know those decisions will affect you and your family for years to come.

Be assured, the attorneys at Hopkins Centrich Law will guide you - step by step - through every issue that should be addressed when pursuing your divorce action: property division, alimony and spousal support, child custody and visitation, and child support. We will carefully and compassionately discuss each issue as they arise while developing strategies to meet your goals.

Finally, we will comprehensively explore all the possible outcomes with you.