Despite the best of efforts, it is still possible a business might face problems such as lawsuits, bankruptcy, or any other number of liabilities. These difficulties can prove disastrous to unprepared business, which why it is essential that your business has an Asset Protection Plan. Simply put, an asset protection plan has a variety of different legal methods and avenues for protecting your wealth as well as your business and personal assets. If you have a business and want to make sure it can stand up to the test of time, it will ultimately be necessary for to consult with a legal attorney about creating an asset protection plan

At Clausen and Centrich PLLC, we are dedicating to guiding our clients through the process of creating, managing, and executing their asset protection plans. With over 90 years of combined legal experience at both small and large law firms, our veteran attorneys understand the importance of protecting your business from harm and know the correct legal avenues for you to protect your assets